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Poetry by David Lawrence III



The Last Taboo of Journalism

"Breaking The Last Taboo" was originally written in 1995-97, and it's proven to be prophetic, in hindsight.  The advice in this column is more relevant today than ever, and has yet to be heeded. StrategicNews, LLC hopes to change that. 

No Soliciting!

What happens when we block all independent access to our minds?

Revelation 13 Breakdown Analysis

Click on the link above to get a fresh view of why the Union of Church and State is so dangerous to believers and non-believers alike. A rare, secular, strategic insight into the climax chapter of Revelation, without religious hocus-pocus or Apocalyptic Hysteria. This is the underlying benchmark the great writers like Orwell and Huxley wrote against when looking to the future of mankind. A world in which the vast majority is swept away in its "Belief" and subservience to the "State". Stayed Tuned. You won't read or find anything like this upcoming feature anywhere - I looked! :0)

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