"I owe a great deal of my creativity and talent to my family and the most amazing conversations at the dinner table. They are listed in order of their deaths. I am also very grateful for an excellent education. I have been around the news and media since I was very small, and I feel a strong sense of duty to carry on in a world that has lost the understanding of what is important."


What's missing from the media today, is a clear conceptual framework, that we can use to  process events &  information, and  better understand what is really going on.


StrategicNews puts the pieces of the puzzle together as no one else can.

StrategicNews is dedicated to covering issues you cannot find in the partisan blogosphere or the milk-minded myopic media. The God question and the larger issues of life are examined on a secular, strategic level, not as religion or opinion.


Yes, it can be done. Technological trends and politics, war and economics are analyzed from a larger integrated perspective in terms of the potential outcomes for the Global village. Egocentric point scoring and finger wagging have no place here. The editor of StrategicNews is a registered independent.


The Red team, Blue team mentality is not welcome at StrategicNews. We do not encourage a mentality of right, left, or center . We would rather hope to strengthen independent original thinking.



David Lawrence 1888-1973

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All-but-forgotten by today's media - mainly because he set the standards that few adhere to today, and that it might embarrass them by way of contrast -


David Lawrence was America's first syndicated columnist by wire. He  Founded  the Bureau of National Affairs, and U.S. News & World Report,  and was a charter member of the White House Press Correspondents Association, as well as the Dean of the American Journalist' s association. He was also a personal friend and advisor to 11, yes 11, Presidents of the United States. StrategicNews, LLC has been founded by this man's grandson:

    David Lawrence III

"He first taught me the news, and remains my inspiration, whether I agree with everything he believed or not, he set the standard of how to distinguish between fact and opinion."