StrategicNews by David Lawrence III

Hi everyone, sorry I’ve taken so long to get back to the keyboards, but I have hesitated for what might be obvious reasons in just a moment.

If you remember, the goal of StrategicNews is to put the pieces of the puzzle together so that you can see the big picture of what is really going on. Well I thought we would do a little summary and recap in the overall sense then, to give us some reference points and a conceptual framework from which to draw some conclusions.

The Intellectual Environment

In our technological world driven by computers, everything is run by programmable logic which is translated into nothing more than 0’s and 1’s – a series of yes/no on/off switches.

In our society and government we live in a world run by the "authorities", and if you have ever talked to a police officer on duty, there doesn’t seem to be any room for "spin", "opinion", or he said-she said. "Just the facts, Ma’am".

But in our entertainment arena of Radio and TV Land, talk shows and election politics are all considered "spin". This is producing serious cognitive dissonance and a split between reality and fantasy that is not only making people crazy, but also causing serious problems. Corporations, Courts, and police all have facts but all you have is an opinion? Somehow I don’t see that as being too healthy for individual rights and freedom of conscience. And when it comes to your rights you get to go stand on a street corner and hold up a sign! Hundreds of feet away from the "officials" in a designated protest area!



Your mailbox and TV can be stuffed with corporate ads – but you’re considered just a bother or a nuisance if you try it on their property! You can be solicited every day with hundreds of messages coming in, but if a citizen attempts it on their own they are either crazy or their message has been pre-determined "junk" – thanks to the major bulk advertisers.

The next time you get mad at someone trying to sell you something who doesn’t have the muscle of corporate power behind them, remember your old original American values – and be nice to them. Don’t make them feel as if they are doing something wrong by trying to hand you literature or share their viewpoint – at least they’re trying.


When I talk to people around town there are very few who really bother to think about these kinds of things and the deeper issues of life on a regular basis, or their First Amendment Rights - and even fewer who are actually trying to do anything about it. There is a sense of helplessness amongst some that there is nothing they can do anyway, and amongst others, that the system will go on working for them no matter what - so all they want to do is continue to lead selfish lives. More often than not people just want to be entertained and really don’t want to bother thinking at all. Somehow thinking itself has become a painful unpleasant activity.

Too tired to think?

If you don’t take the time to think these things through for yourself then you aren’t really exercising your rights of conscience. Are you just backing your favorite horse in the "idea arena", merely reflecting consumer choice by clicking on what is available? There is a large gap between the two. In one case you are strengthening a corporate vote already established and presented, in the other you literally make up your own mind based on your own research.

But you don’t have time for that, now do you?

No Time

No time in the morning – have to go to work – no time at lunch - we have to do errands – no time after work - we have to shop or pick up kids – and then in the evening before or after dinner it is time to relax – WHERE? In front of the "idiot box", the "Boob Tube", ah yes, they do call it "programming" even in the guide itself! Relaxed at home in the alpha state, when our brains are most susceptible to the power of suggestion, we take it all in and then go to bed!

Hypnotized Response Conditioning

Hypnosis occurs when the subject is completely relaxed and following a guiding voice of authority. Once the subject is hypnotized, they block out all other authority and any thoughts that may be contrary or disturbing to their "peace". The melodic tone of the anchor news folk and the advertisers assure us that all is well or can be bought, and that no matter what disturbances or the weather we are "safe", and if we aren’t then we just need more security! Ask the authorities!

The Value of your Vote

The value of your vote is based upon the integrity of your conscience, which is based on your ability to evaluate information honestly and fairly. If the entire population is feeding from the same trough, like cattle we muddy the water we’re trying to drink from while we’re standing in it. How valuable is your vote if all you are doing is nodding yes to Fox while your friend at work says yes to CNN. I challenge you to trying checking a fact for yourself, looking it up, doing the research and getting it verified. On a daily basis your details are evaluated, cross-checked and verified by computers numerous times. How many times a day do you get to cross check or verify what you are being told?

Read Research and Reconsider – Go to the Library!

With millions being spent to build a new library in this town, I was sickened to learn that only a tiny fraction of the money being spent might actually go to purchase books. Concrete, machines and equipment – a lot of high tech security and Internet access – but books? Old books with wisdom in them? Ask someone on the committee and see what they say!

1984 - 2011

George Orwell was right. We like to make him wrong by noting with glee that he got the exact date wrong – but that is a superficial and false security. It is the same false security we have in saying Y2K has come and gone and the world hasn’t ended. Just because the date may have been off, doesn’t mean the underlying issues aren’t still true and happening.

Welcome to the year 2011

There is video surveillance in every convenience store, bank, and mall. You are required to identify yourself for routine transactions with photo and numeric verification. Children are screened at school. Certain words and language are said to be "politically incorrect", punishable as Hate Crimes, and the people’s highest monetary value goes to entertainers in the electronic coliseum. You are bombarded with media messages from centralized sources daily, but you are asked to be a good citizen and not offend anyone, and not to solicit or be a nuisance. Is there anyone out there who sees what is really going on? The one thing we still have is freedom of the press, if we can manage to get sponsored and distributed. Thank God for the relative freedom we still enjoy on the internet.Write me if you care, David Lawrence III, 706-573-3769. If you would like a new color brochure on Your First Amendment Rights, just call or email and I will send one out.

Next month we are going to talk about the new "Spiritual Solution" about to sweep across the country – and how dangerous it may be even though it looks so good.